Of course, in healing “what to take” is important but “how to take” and “how much to take” can never be ignored for maximum effectiveness. The same applies to CBD oil. Organic CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant is safe for you. You can find great information on the internet on how CBD oil can be used to heal you from different ailments and disorders.  CBD oil is useful in the treatment of anxiety, sleeping disorders, pain management, and your overall well being.

Since CBD oil is obtained from seeds and flowers of the hemp plant, you can find CBD available in multiple forms in which it can be used. But the best way will be the one that will give you the appropriate dose till the time you don’t heal avoiding unwanted side-effects.

How to Take CBD Oil- Smoking or Vaping

You can find CBD-rich hemp flower varieties which are meant for smoking or vaping easily in dispensaries. Hemp contains more CBD than THC, so you won’t get a ‘high’, which you normally get with smoking marijuana.

Ways to smoke or inhale CBD oil:

  • Smoking a hemp joint, or rolled dried hemp
  • CBD vape cartridges, vape pod
  • Dabbing, with a dab rig or portable dab pen
  • Vaping with CBD vape juice and a vape pen or pod.

Benefits of smoking CBD hemp oil

If you don’t smoke there can be a question in your mind Can I smoke? Well, it CBD hemp oil is not addictive so you won’t have cravings that you have when you smoke tobacco. Here are the benefits associated with smoking CBD hemp oil:

  1. When you smoke CBD oil, CBD enters your bloodstream through the lungs. That means it takes much lesser time to get absorbed and metabolized by the body in comparison to the lengthy digestive process. However, this research is still in a nascent stage.
  2. Another reason is taste. When you smoke or vape hemp derived organic CBD which is a whole-plant extract you are not anything bitter as tobacco. High-quality CBD’s have a unique flavor and is quite easy to inhale.

How to Take CBD Oil- Through Edibles

You can find many eatables in the market that have CBD oil as an ingredient in them. CBD oil as an edible is available in the following forms:

  1. Candies, Gummies
  2. Chewing Gums
  3. CBD Liquids that can be mixed into foods such as smoothies
  4. Lozenges
  5. Beverages
  6. Tinctures
  7. Gelcaps
  8. Capsules
  9. Sprays

So you need to go online and choose the best edible according to your preference. But after purchase make sure to read instructions for its use and consume them as directed.

How to Take CBD Oil- Skin Creams

You can use CBD oil-based skin creams for your localized pain. Many companies are preparing and selling it online but you need to check whether it’s legal at your place or not.

How to use it

Take enough amount of the cream on your fingertip and cover the affected area with it properly. Don’t forget to rub it really well so that it gets absorbed in the skin rightly. You’ll see the healing effects of the cream after 20 minutes or so.

A word of caution

Since there is a lack of FDA regulation for CBD products, before consuming CBD orally seek advice from a medical professional about the dosage. The dosages may vary according to your body weight, the concentration of the product and the condition for which you want to use that CBD oil product.

Finally, when you make up your mind to choose a CBD product for oral use or topical use, make sure you buy it online from a genuine seller who offers hemp derived organic CBD oil.

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