As humans, we all know that eating is just a necessity, while cooking is an art. Hence, we believe that real food lovers are people who go that extra mile to make a dish special and enjoyable not only for themselves but for others as well. Cooking being an elaborate field is never short of experiments and innovations. The newest trend in this league is CBD oil. Hence, our team members who love food more than anything else decided to try their hand at incredible CBD recipes. We got around 5 dishes on the table and out of these, we have selected the best CBD recipes which you can easily try out and make your weekend even more exciting and blissful. Take a look.

Best CBD-Infused Food Recipe

The recipe that we are about to talk about below have been personally tried by our team and our last weekend was certainly the stress-free and happiest weekend of our lives. Moreover, we were so overwhelmed by the results of our experiment that we could help but share CBD recipes with you as well. Hence, here is the best recipe of the Top CBD-Infused Foods to satisfy your taste buds this weekend. Take a look and find your new favorite CBD-Infused recipe today.

Cool Cherry CBD Salad Dressing

Sprinkle the vibrant cherry flavored CBD-infused dressing over one of the most requested salads along with freshly sliced strawberries, healthy greens, and vegan cheese. Before knowing the ingredients and other important factors related to the amazing Cool Cherry CBD Salad Dressing, you must know that it is enjoyed the most when served cold.

Cooking Time

The best thing about the Cool Cherry CBD Salad Dressing is that it is the easiest and the fastest CBD-Infused recipe that you will find on the internet. There is no need for any hardcore cooking skills or even time for this delicacy. You just need a simple bowl and five minutes and the following ingredients.


Simple and organic ingredients are the power of this freshness-infusing salad dressing. Hence, try to keep the salad as simple and as fresh as possible with the following ingredients and the naturally flavored Signature Series – Daily – CBD Oil available in apple, cherry and grape flavors.

  • Raspberry vinegar ¼ cup
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • A ½ cup of orange juice
  • 2 tsp mustard
  • Signature Series – Daily – CBD Oil (whichever flavor you like)
  • Honey, salt and pepper to taste

Cooking directions

Whisk all the ingredients together along with your favorite flavor of the reliable Signature Series – Daily – CBD Oil as per your need. And Tada!

You are ready to serve the exclusive Cool Cherry CBD Salad Dressing to your friends and family. This quantity is perfect for 4-6 people. You can modify the ingredients as per your need and use CBD oil as a dressing too if you do not want to mix it in the beginning. To amplify any of your future salad dressing recipes, you can use other flavors of the Signature Series – Daily – CBD Oil like Apple or Grape.

Ready To Serve The Freshly Prepared Cool Cherry CBD Salad Dressing?

Now you have a delicious well-balanced salad which is creamy, crunchy, salty, as well as sweet. These four give your salad the variety of textures and varieties it needs. Also, we believe appearance is the first key to an appealing salad. Hence, to make the Cool Cherry CBD Salad Dressing look visually impressive, we have carefully picked ingredients that are vibrant and colorful. Remember, the Signature Series – Daily – CBD Oil works best as a dressing only at the moment when the party starts.

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