Turn your bathtub into a spa by dropping CBD bath bombs into your hot bath as it fizzes with a pleasant smell and offers you a string of pain-relieving, sleep-inducing, and skin relaxing qualities. Just think of a little ball that disperses inside your bath water, releasing a burst of sparkles and fancy colors and permeates a rich aroma into your bathroom. Yes, that is the beauty of these bath bombs and now they are available for anything from backaches, sleep disturbances, sensitive, greasy or acne-ridden skin, to relieving stress. These bath bombs are a delightful addition to the bathtub and a wonderful way to unwind and sleep with ease.

Way In Which CBD Bath Bombs Function

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Generally, bath bombs are composed of Epsom salts, citric acid, baking soda, and natural coloring. They also include an essential oil like lavender, sandalwood, eucalyptus or cedarwood for aromatherapy and therapeutic effects. Bath bombs use citric acid and baking soda as its base which creates its iconic fizz. The use of Epsom salts helps to soothe achy or stiff muscles and adding them to the bath augments the levels of magnesium inside the body which gets depleted due to stress. The use of coconut oil in a bath bomb replenishes it with Vitamin E and works as a skin moisturizer.
When the bath bombs are in contact with water, they diffuse and generate a chemical reaction that creates the fizz. As you soak in warm water, the skin pores are opened due to which the CBD dissolved inside the water easily enters your skin and reaches the bloodstream. The body system assimilates CBD faster into the bloodstream compared to topical applications like CBD skin creams.
What is significant is that taking a bath with CBD bath bombs circulates the cannabinoid across the whole body. The curative and anxiolytic qualities of CBD de-stresses and helps to relax inside the bathtub.

The Health Benefits Of CBD Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs have introduced a new process of ingestion of CBD through absorption by opened pores caused by the bath heat. This permits CBD to access quickly the bloodstream and perforate the skin all over the body, in place of a limited area. Some of the advantages of using CBD bath bombs are as under:

The Best Combination Of Epsom Salt And CBD

Epsom salt has the potential to pull out dangerous toxins from the body and revive its balance. Besides, removing toxins Epsom salt also helps in relieving sore muscles, weight management, mood regulation, and overall wellness. As can be seen, it complements CBD which has bagged attention for its appetite-stimulating, pain and anxiety alleviating and nerve and muscle relaxing qualities. Therefore, using Epsom salt in combination with CBD offers an array of medical benefits which you can avail through the Bath bomb.

Spa-like Ambience

You get a spa-like feeling at home in your bathtub with the proper lighting, relaxing music, fixing the water to the exact temperature and all this natural experience is provided at a low cost. Such a mood is instilled by the bath bomb and is enhanced by the application of CBD.

A Perfect Indulgence That Relaxes

A very powerful relaxant and stress alleviator, CBD is highly effective in comparison to prescription medication like benzodiazepines such as Xanax in lowering anxiety, is non-addictive and without any side effect. Cannabidiol or CBD performs its action upon the endocannabinoid system that accounts for the regulation of various bodily mechanisms like mood, libido, pain sensitivity, appetite and more. Within the body, the cannabinoids also referred to as neurotransmitters communicate with this network circuit known as ECS (endocannabinoid system) to produce action.
In addition, CBD also communicates with various neural systems like :

  • Serotonin or the happiness hormone
  • Dopamine, the chemical messenger that offers reward and motivation
  • GABA or the inhibitory neurotransmitter
  • The hippocampus which regulates emotion and retention of memory
    Now, will you say that you do want that bath with these

Skin Restoration And Body Glow

When people talk about bath bombs, you will hear them mentioning “the glow”. Such a glow is generated by the mix of the Epsom salt and hot water raising blood circulation and the opening of the pores which brings a special bodily glow. As the pores open, the toxins exit into the Epsom salt and makes way for CBD and the various essential oils to stream inside the skin. A radiating and visible contrast in the skin after soaking in water stirred by a bath bomb containing CBD is an indicator of the instant benefits that you would experience in a moment – relaxation, stiff muscles, and stress relief and also an upbeat mood.

Calms Down Body Aches

CBD has been proven to lower pain and inflammation which is more potent than opiates. The overall effects caused by a CBD bath bomb results in benefits like minimizing inflammation from infections or injuries, arthritic aches, bodily tension and relief from cramps.

Conclusion On CBD Bath Bombs

We all enjoy a great soak and showering and why not make it an experience of a lifetime by combining it with the health restoring, unwinding and soothing effects of CBD Bath bombs. CBD is stacked with antioxidants, hydrating and rejuvenating vitamins C and E and the essential mineral and Omegas 3 and 6 which all goes to promote healthy cell regeneration and anti-aging besides removes toxins to retain us in perfect shape. Go for the best way to make the body absorb CBD- the bath bomb way!

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